Health, Fitness And Potassium Supplements

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Health, Fitness And Potassium Supplements

Should someone supplement Potassium? Potassium can be a key component to maintaining a healthy nerve network, heart, kidney function, muscles and the digestive system. Much of the time certain diets naturally will provide the potassium levels most men and women need, there are select individuals who need more than what can be processed from eating like those without potassium issues. A potassium supplement is needed for those who have temporary or permanent ailments that rid their body of potassium, included, but not limited to: vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, diuretic use, kidney disease, and GI disease (gastrointestinal disease) and from having fluids depleted (heat stroke, sweat, dehydration, diarrhea, etc.), from vomiting (the twenty-four hour hour flu, self-induced bulimia, as a result of another condition), or because of having a disease, like kidney disease, etc. Potassium supplements can be prescribed to restore or thwart potassium deficiency problems.

Is there a proper time to take potassium supplements? That depends on the type of supplement you are currently taking, as the quantity consumed and how often you take it varies greatly. That said, however, potassium supplements often are prescribed 2 to 4 times per day, and often with food. Your preferred pharmacist can help you if you should have any question or concern regarding your supplements.

How should someone best take potassium supplements? You should always read the label of your prescription bottles for specific to that supplement, instructions. Both tablets and capsules should be taken in original form; avoid breaking, if at all possible. Of course, that won’t be possible for everybody. Some people who have trouble swallowing pills may have an added hurdle, that is alright. Do what you normally would do. If your potassium is in the form of a powder, liquid, granule, or fizzing tablet be certain to mix your potassium in water, before you drink it. Using cold water can aid in covering up unfriendly flavors, or including your favorite fruit juice can help make your potassium much easier on your taste buds. Whatever form your potassium supplement is in, taking them with a full glass of water or a combination with juice is what is most recommended.


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