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Painful Feet? Trainers, Running shoes, Boots are the cause of Plantar faciitis Metatarsalgia,?

Top Trainers, running shoes, walking boots, gel and air cushioned heals and soles are causing serious damage to your feet! Plantar faciitis was relatively ...

Foot Pain Treatments!

What are they and do they work?

You probably are seeking all kind of foot pain treatments. Especially if you are like most people you have had Jobs which you would be standing all day. How about walking all day or just coming home and you feet is KILLING you. Well we will explore some treatments, remedies, and the best shoes for sore feet. We really depend on our feet so much that we neglect to treat them right. We sit back take your shoes off and have the kids massage your feet which you find out what foot pain treatments work and which shoes for sore feet to get.KyBoot Foot pain treatment

First we have to have some rules to this. I am not talking about serious conditions only the symptom of pain or soreness. With that said I use to come home everyday with my feet Barking cause they were hurting. My Lovely wife would take her time and massage my feet. One day a co-worker caught me massaging my own feet I thought he was going to say I’m not working but instead he said oh I could help ya. look at him thinking I not about to let you squeeze my feet Brah. I guess he saw the look on my face and said nah Man “rice”. Then he walked away I thought to myself “rice is good for you but it never ease my foot pain. The next day I saw him and asked “Yo what kind of rice do you eat to get rid of foot pain. He laugh and said No no no not rice you eat but rice the acronym R.I.C.E.. I felt stupid but relieved. So this the the first Treatment I will cover.

R…..RelaxKy boot two people Hiking-foot pain treatments




1st Foot Pain Treatment is to Relax

Often times we find ourselves trying to get every little thing done or be as productive as possible. This here is probably the #1 reason the healing process takes so long. I understand that the job must be done so how about a compromise stand for an hour sit for 6mins. Just give yourself a break.

2nd Foot Pain Treatment is to ICE

Now Ice is good for the swelling and some pain. However I find that sometimes when I use Ice that is more painful than the soreness. Either way listen to the Doctor and apply the ICE it’s going to help. Brrrrrr!

The 3rd Foot Pain Treatment is to wear Compressions

I love these even though they turn your toes blueberry icee cup Blue. You should always wrap your feet if needed. There are many Compression socks out on the market and special workout pants that are compression consider some of these:

  • Cooper Fit
  • Under armor
  • Second Skin
  • Active

Here we come Elevation the 4th Foot Pain Treatment

Now I don’t know about you but walking around with my foot elevated is very hard. Seriously the is to help the circulation in your foot and take down the swelling also it reduces the pain.

Ok with all this rice flying around no one is thinking of getting married or is it just me. Ok oK back to the aching feet. If you don’t have that wonderful someone in your life to massage you fee,t apply ice, Buy you some compressions, or help you elevate your feet. You can do what Thousands of others did and that is walk on air. You maybe laughing but these shoe, sandals, sneakers make your feet smile and instead of barking they are singing a new song. These are an extremely comfortable shoe. These shoe will make you enjoy walking the mall again.

They are called Kyboot shoes the technology and the thought they put into the design of these shoes have to be a little short of genesis. These shoes are the best shoe for sore feet even if you thought differently you will the shoe speaks for itself.

Only if your Feet can talk


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