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Premature Ejaculation

How To Overcome Your Fear Of Getting PhysicalWith Women (Because Of Premature Ejaculation)


Premature EjaculationThe truth is, almost every man has experienced premature ejaculation at one point or another. Especially when you’re young and so excited to finally have sex.

What happened when you first lost your virginity? That’s right, you came so quick, you didn’t even have time to unbutton your pants!

And it was because you”thought” yourself into such a passionate frenzy… you just about came before you even started!

But the thing is, when you’re younger, you can be ready again in 2 minutes. So it’s not as much a problem.

When you’re older, you can’t go multiple times in a row. It’s uncomfortable, and a lot of times, you can’t even get erect again.

“Last 20 Minutes Longer Tonight… Guaranteed!”

Recently I was out with some friends at a local club. There was a group of girls hanging out next to us.

One of the girls… a very attractive woman… kept looking over in my direction.

I looked backed and smiled at her.

Premature Ejaculation

Within a few minutes, she came over and we started talking. For the next 15 minutes or so… we had a great conversation. She started flirting a little more, touching my arm, and sending me”signals” that she was interested.

One thing led to another and before I knew it… we were back at her place.Once we got there… we started tearing each others’ clothes off. Honestly, I had one of the best nights of sex I ever had.

She must have felt the same way… because she was moaning and writhing in pleasure for about 40 minutes straight. Afterwards, she told me how good I was in bed. In fact, she told me I was one of the best lovers she ever had.

And it felt good to hear.

Now… if you would have asked me if this was even possible a few years ago, I would have said”No way.”

At One Point, I Wasn’t Very Good In Bed At All…

In fact, there was a time I didn’t feel very confident or comfortable having sex at all.

My problem was… it was over as soon as it started!

Premature EjaculationIt didn’t matter if it was straight sex, oral sex, or anything with friction… I would last about a minute. So I pretty much hated any chance I had to get laid.I never wanted to talk to women at clubs. I wouldn’t look at women when I went out. I would never put myself in situations where it could possibly lead to meeting someone.

Because of my problem with premature ejaculation, I was more self-conscious and nervous than I was excited about getting laid.

I didn’t want to deal with the same old embarrassment of meeting a woman, getting her in bed, and then having to see the disappointment in her eyes because I came in just one minute flat.

And I felt very alone because of it.

There was a time in my life I would have done anything to last longer in bed… so I could actually feel like a man and please a woman.

The problem was… I had no idea how to do it.

I Had To Learn These Secrets OverTime… Through Lots Of Trial And Error

For as long as I could remember, premature ejaculation was easily my number one issue in life. And it really tore me apart inside and did a number on my confidence levels.
Premature Ejaculation

I’d never feel very manly when I got off before my woman even had a chance to get warmed up.

The first time I ever had sex, I climaxed in about 10 seconds. But I figured that was normal, and in fact, I didn’t care because I was ready to go again in no time.

But as I got older, it got worse. I was still coming in under one minute… but this time, I couldn’t get excited and ready again.

It was VERY frustrating for me because I couldn’t satisfy my partner. So it always left my women wanting more.

And it left me feeling inadequate.

If You Can’t Please Your Woman In Bed…Then She May Be Thinking Of Leaving

Premature EjaculationI was always worried and fearful that the women I dated would get sick of it and leave me for other men.

Only after getting TOTALLY FED UP with not knowing how to end my premature ejaculation did I finally make the decision to figure it out for myself.

So I tried the “stop and start” method… but this required a great deal of couple cooperation and communication and it was pretty difficult to use.

I tried the the “squeeze” method too… but this technique actually brought me to climax sooner.

I even tried anti-depressants and other SSRIs… but taking these anti-depressants actually took away my sex drive completely. So I was actually worse off.

I tried a bunch of different benzocaine creams and sprays that were supposed to deaden my sensations and reduce stimulation.

The biggest problem was… they were messy, expensive, and pretty inconvenient. I had to apply them about 10 minutes before having sex, so that meant I could never have spontaneous sex.

I also tried condoms that had different sensitivity levels… but nothing seemed to work at all.

It took me several years of trial and error, learning from my own mistakes and figuring things out the HARD WAY… but I did it.

How I Discovered The Secrets ThatFinally Changed My Sex Life…

I spent years reading and studying all of the books, medical journals, and information on how to prolong sex and not ejaculate so fast.
Premature Ejaculation

I discovered that my problem was because of how I was “thinking” about sex.

The fact is… premature ejaculation is almost always caused by too much mental stimulation.

Your mind… NOT your body… controls what happens when you’re about to have sex. So you have to start there if you want to change your situation.

In other words, you MUST first change your thoughts.

Always thinking about your premature ejaculation can lead to performance anxiety.

Getting your thoughts under control will take the PRESSURE off of you. So you won’t ever have to worry about performance anxiety (which makes it even worse).

This performance anxiety… which leads to more pressure, feelings of inadequacy, worry that it will happen again… these are HUGE roadblocks in your brain that you MUST overcome if you want to learn how to control your ejaculation.


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