Getting Healthy Again

Getting Healthy Again

When you start thinking of getting healthy the first thing one will say is to lose weight. I strongly disagree, or

they will say get a complete checkup and again I wlould say I disagree. I say this cause to get healthy is not just la physical thing. For if that is the case then everyone that could move would be in shape. You see getting in shape is a mental thing as well as a physical thing. Now don’t yell at me for saying this, you see if I asked for you to drop down and give me 20 pushups right now, you may be able to do this and you may not be able to. It all depends on your thought process.

Getting Healthy AgainThought Process builds Character

I am a firm believer in the way and what you think creates the person you see. I can’t help but to think of a Rose and how beautiful it is but if it wasn’t for the seed (thought) it would not have ever greaced us with its beauty. Now you may say “What about being spontaneous?” and that also is a thought. You can’t be spontaeous to yourself only toward someone else.

Act of Getting Healthy

Now weather you do workout to get healthy or you don’t either one is an Act of Thought. You can have the Joys of your thought or Suffer from it but the blame would ultimately be yours and yours alone. Thought is not something you can see right away, only when the thought becomes manifested into exsistence. So start with the blueprint of yourself with one thing in mind at a time for eg… Smling and be grateful for another chance to make it right. Then go into a more indepth thinking of the ending product. Such as seeing yourself walking a mile and or climbing up 3 flights of stairs without

breathing hard.

You are either Made or Unmade by Yourself

In the battle feild of weight loss and of thought you are the only one that can forge the weapons that will utimately destroy you or you can fashion the tools that will build you up in a strong and longevity of life. As a being of Strength, Wisdom, and Love understand this you are the God of your own thoughts, You and only you hold the power to transform and regenerate yourself at will. You are always the master, even when you dont feel great or maybe weak. Just be careful cause in this state you tend to misgovern you body.
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Thoughts into Goals and Goals into achievements

If you are looking for raw Gold and Diamonds you can’t find it by sitting on the couch you must do alot of searching (thought) and Mining (action) to obtain such jewels. That also goes for getting healthy again. The searching part is the planing, If you want sucess right away plan on hitting the easiest area first and as your goals are met keep creating new goals.

Try to feel good again!

So weed out all bad thoughts and plant good seeds of thought and water it and give it some sun light and the new you Shall bloom forth!! So tell me What are you thinking about and what are you waiting for?

Good Luck and Lets Get healthy Again

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